I am a graduate of Audencia Nantes, one of the best schools of management in France. As an illustrator, I deliver the perfect balance of business acumen and artistic sensitivity.

My passion, my talent for drawing, and my skill for synthesis are at the service of your key messages. My objective is to make contents clearer, more attractive, and easier to remember through a repertoire of lettering, characters, icons, metaphors, and visual structures.

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Have you heard about sketchnoting, visual facilitation, graphic recording, or scribing?
All these are methods of visual practice, and professionals in this industry are officially called “visual practitioners.” This fast-developing field has gained popularity in recent times, as we are surrounded by too much information. Visual practitioners bring customisation, freshness, and creative thinking in a standardised world, where grabbing attention is difficult.
Most of the time, hand-drawn visualisations are created live, in real-time, on large formats. Both pictures and text are used to highlight a structure and the connections between ideas. They reveal the “big picture”, even for complex topics, and frequently lead the audience to say, “Ahhh, ah-ha, I see!”

David Sibbet


Dan Roam

You can’t draw?

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Graphic recording


Are you organising a conference or a meeting? I provide real-time service delivery, listening to the key messages then synthesising and translating into visual language. Depending on your requirements, I can either stay silent or interact with the group. I will present a visual synthesis at the end.

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  • Increase understanding and ability to memorise
  • Unite the group with a common vision
  • Make discussions more concrete
  • Achieve a «Wow» factor


  • The paper poster on a flipchart format, size A0 or fresco (2xA0), will be available at the end of the event and free of rights, to decorate your office.
  • HD digital version is also available and easy to share in your post-event communication.



I conduct initiation workshops that enable participants to explore drawing and learn simple techniques immediately applicable to their daily work.

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  • Unlock your potential
  • Develop your creativity
  • Communicate or teach with more impact
  • Have fun!

Interview RTS


  • Your new competence in visual communication!

  • A visualisation of one of your projects/themes

  • Advice and bibliography to progress

White-board Animation


I accompany you all along the process, from conception to delivery:

  • You define your objective and your key messages
  • Together we visualise the scenario
  • I draw the storyboard
  • A professional actor records the voice-over
  • I record the drawing
  • The agency takes care of the post-editing
  • Your video is ready!


Whiteboard animations are perfect synchronisations between verbal and visual, making your message 100% catchy and impactful. Easy to broadcast and on-trend, you’ll make a buzz on the web.


A video from one to three minutes, ready for online broadcasting. There are two options to select from:

  • The “classic”: the drawing is recorded on a real whiteboard, and the drawer’s hand is visible
  • The “digital”: the drawing is recorded on a graphic tablet, and no hand is visible.